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New Products


#3 Nu-thred ® File:  This thread restoring file also works on 8 different pitches and is similar to our #2 file, but it replaces the 12 and 16 tpi (threads per inch) pitches (which are duplicated on the #1 file)  with the 8 and 11-1/2 tpi pitches.  Now with the #1 and #3 files you can cover all 15 pitches that JAWCO® currently makes (the 20 tpi still appears on both files).

#2053 53-pc Universal Rethreading Set:  This set is similar to the 53-pc #1853 set, but replaces 5 of the largest dies (3/4-10, 3/4-16, 3/4-20, 20x1.50mm & 14x1.25mm) with 4 more useful new metric rethreading taps (8x1.50mm,10x1.00mm,11x1.50mm & 14x1.50mm) and a new 11x1.50mm rethreading die.

#2054 54-pc Universal Rethreading Set:  This set is identical to the #2053 set above with the addition of the new #3  Nu-thred® File.  This allows you to cover all 15 standard pitches from 8 to 32tpi, as well as eight metric pitches from 0.80mm to 3.00mm on the #8 metric file.

#153, 3-pc Rethreading File Set: This new set contains the #1, #3 and #8 metric rethreading files that allows you to cover 15 standard pitches and 8 metric pitches.

#155, 4-pc Rethreading File Set: This new set in a hangable pouch with reclosable tie contains the #1, #3 and #8 metric rethreading files that allows you to cover 15 standard pitches and 8 metric pitches plus the #9 Universal 60° Rethreading File with a single blade that will work on any pitch.

#44 Truck Tire Valve Removal Tool: This tool is like our popular #43C Tire Valve Stem Removal Tool, except it has the larger handle and longer stem to allow it to reach the inner tire of trucks, or for those mechanics that like the feel of a larger handle.

#1349 Heavy Duty Brake Spring Remover: This new patented tool gets behind and under obstructions to remove and insert brake springs on trucks.

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